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 Sonda Tamarr Allen
 I have been told that one definition of art is creating order out of chaos. I am a gold and silver smith I have been an artist at Eastern Market Trading under the name Turtle's Webb in Washington, DC since 1991.

 Rebecca Briely
Rebecca Briley has both a BFA and MFA from the University of North Carolina. Her early career started in advertising, where she created campaigns for TV and print and also design layouts, storyboards and client presentations. She has extensive teaching experience and currently teaches at Tarrant County College Northeast in Hurst Texas. “If I were to divide my life in half: before graduate school and after, I could describe my work in the first half as landscapes and figures in the landscape. Images from the second half could be described as less direct in meaning. I work in small series, usually figurative. The conceptual work capitalizes on the process of art, the pigment, the paint and the brushstroke. But you could probably also say that was true of the landscapes.”

 Bill Byrd
 Step back and take a look at the steel canopy and porch railings at Wings of Desire. “The work I do with metal is somewhat personal in design. My intention is to convey a specific symbolic or whimsical message with each piece of work. I do not wish to describe with words what the message is. When a thing is hand-made there’s an opportunity for soulfulness to emerge from its presence. I have succeeded when the viewer is surprised, amused, or intrigued by what they see.”

 Mireille Damicone
 Mireille's art is broad in her choice of mediums ranging from painting in acrylics and oils to working with metals. In the fine art of jewelry and metals her feminine and geometric designs bring simple but elegance in the craft of metal work. Each hand-crafted piece of jewelry is made with 99% fine silver. In jewelry she uses geometric shapes and interesting natural designs. "My jewelry are like mini sculptures with the use of semi-precious stones. They are unique and fun to wear." The materials of fine silver give these interesting gems a timeless elegance to them. "My jewelry and paintings are a direct result of inspirational ideas that I receive by being attentive to my natural surroundings. My work is the reflection of the joy and beauty that surrounds me every day". Ten percent of all my proceeds are donated to missions in India and Sri Lanka. Mireille Damicone is formally educated with a BA from Smith College in Massachusetts and a semester abroad from Trinity College CT, Rome Italy. She received a Masters in Art Education from Oklahoma Sate University and has her National Board Certification. Her art has been displayed and acquired throughout Oklahoma and Massachusetts. Email:

 Rebecca T. Mannschreck
 Rebecca is a multi-talented artist whose creations are as spontaneous as her interest. She moves from one medium to another depending on subject matter and design style, but color and emotion will always be a priority. Her acrylic paintings are bold, illustrative figures and animals, while her oil paintings are soft, serene florals and landscapes. Rebecca shows her work at several art shows throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding states. She has been a guest artist in 50 Penn place Gallery, Paseo Original Gallery and was asked to be part of Summer Wine Art Gallery's grand openings in September. She is currently showing at Percha Creek Trader Gallery in Hillsboro, New Mexico. Rebecca's website is She can also be reached by phone at 918-251-2903 or email her at

 Tara Tipton
 Tara Tipton is an Oklahoma City artist that spends most of her time abusing copper, bronze, and nickel silver sheet metal.  A mixed metal approach to jewelry making allows variety in hue and texture in addition to employing multiple layers.  These materials create unique and unpredictable pieces for adornment. Jewelry forms are often contemporary and edgy, with inspiration from nature.  Former career fields in biology and landscape architecture have given a welcomed exposure to design and the natural world, both necessary for the endeavor of making jewelry.

 Kim Hogue
 For the past ten years Kim Hogue practiced the art of metal smithing as a student of well known metal artist Elyse Bogart at the Firehouse Art Center in Norman. In addition to the classes at the Firehouse Art Center, she studied with master metal smiths in weekend workshops, thus discovering ancient and new techniques to shape metal and set stones. Ms. Hogue’s work was selected for the Firehouse Art Center’s student show, and she has performed as a demonstration artist during the Norman Midsummer’s Night Fair. 

 Janice Ford

 Any interesting or mundane subject that contains a gleam of beauty is what I am drawn to photograph. I studied at Rose State College under the direction of the very talented local potter, Howard Koerth. His unique “eye” guided me through the beginner stages of photography to the advanced stage of my studies. After leaving my formal studies I continued to experiment with processes and materials. Much of my work is centered in Oklahoma and my subjects range from the natural world to architecture. My wish is that the viewer of my work feels a sense of personal connection with the subject or experiences a recognition that stirs up personal memories. My work has been exhibited at the State Capitol Building and the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. I was awarded First Place-Advanced in the Bob Wyatt Memorial Student Photograph Exhibit, 2002.

 Gennaro Garcia

Gennaro is one of Calle 16 (THE MURAL PROJECT) co-founders in Phoenix, AZ. Calle 16 is a nonprofit group that is focused on creating murals that truly represent the diverse communities that live in Phoenix. Gennaro was the second Latino Artist (after Fernando Botero from Colombia) to have a solo show at the Calvin Charles Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ). He will have his third solo show with Calvin Charles Gallery in January 2013. Combining Italian techniques for working with oils, acrylics, wood, plaster and a color palette from his childhood in Mexico , Gennaro’s art showcases both world class skill and a true Latino immigrant perspective. Gennaro’s art pieces are featured in many commercial and residential interiors and he has participated in more than 60 exhibits in the last 4 years, including seven solo shows. Recently, Gennaro reached his personal goal of exhibiting solo in his native land with an exhibit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. So much of his art is inspired by his dual identities as both Mexican and now, American. Currently, you can see Gennaro’s art in 9 different galleries in the United States and two in Mexico. He is also working with film director, Carlos Munoz, from Mexico City on a short film about his journey as an artist in Mexico. Salvador Robledo, an American film maker, is concurrently shooting a complementary documentary about his transition and art in the United States. Websites: & & Phone:480-383-3259

 Theresa Hurt

Local artist, Theresa Hurt, has been surrounded by art since 1974 through her family owned business, Pirates Alley Picture Frames. Her involvement in the framing business has given her a passion for art and a keen eye for design. Her abstract paintings are a personal expression of spirituality inspired by God, prayer and life experiences. Her paintings are vibrant, powerful and captivate the imagination. Her art is a conduit of God's grace and power that shines through in the ethereal transition of colors and 3-dimensional formations. Victorious over cancer, she communicates a spiritual journey on canvas.  Her art engages the viewers' emotions and provokes a sense of connection to their own personal journey. Theresa was recently awarded First Place in "Abstracts" in the Oklahoma Art Guild Members Show.  Her paintings have sparked interest and caught the eye of several art collectors nationwide. Her work is on display in New York, New Mexico, Chicago, California and of course her home state of Oklahoma. Theresa's art can be viewed at Pirates Alley Picture Frames, 2733 West Britton Road in Oklahoma City or visit

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