Wings of Desire
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Wings of Desire has great art displayed throughout the salon / store featuring the work of local artists, mostly from Oklahoma. The artist’s styles range from abstract to digital art, great silk scarves and large silk paintings of flowers to pottery.

Patricia is always looking for new and interesting talent. Feel free to email Patricia, with questions about showcasing your artwork locally in the salon. Stop in the salon today and see the current selection. Whether you are a collector or simply looking for a gift, Wings of Desire will have something you will love.

  • Sonda Tamarr Allen
  • Rebecca Briely
  • Bill Byrd
  • Mireille Damicone
  • Rebecca T. Mannschreck
  • Tara Tipton
  • Janice Ford
  • Jenny Perry
  • Gennaro Garci
  • Carole Todd
  • Theresa Hurt
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